Create stunning bespoke homes surrounded by the contrasting tranquility and striking forms of Phang Nga Bay and its iconic mountains.

The Headland is developed by P3 Estates, a joint-venture between Peter Hamilton and Dr. Phongthon Tharachai and brings over 30 years of combined experience in delivering unique luxury residences and large-scale infrastructure projects in Thailand and across Asia.
Peter John Hamilton
Peter was a visionary pioneer in the Asian Telco/Media industry and received Hong Kong’s Young Entrepreneur Award in 1999. He was a founder of one of Hong Kong’s first internet solutions companies in 1994, subsequently listed as on NASDAQ. In 2003, Peter moved to Phuket, he jointly founded Campbell Kane (Thailand) with a vision to build a community of luxury residences at Cape Yamu, marrying passions for architecture, art, and hospitality. These projects include The Cape Residences, COMO Point Yamu; The Bay at Cape Yamu; and The Headland. The Headland marks the fulfillment of that vision and the completion of a 20-year journey with Cape Yamu recognised as one of Asia’s foremost residential enclave.
Dr. Phongthon Tharachai
Dr. Phongthon is passionate about helping and improving the quality of life of the people around him. He led PPS to become a listed company in 2012 and propelled it to become the best among its peers in terms of sustainability development, ranking at number one in its class for 8 consecutive years. Dr. Phongthon believes that the true meaning of luxury projects can only be achieved by being in harmony with nature and community. He shares, “That’s the essence of a true legacy living.”